Metroid Prime Hunters First Impressions

Metroid Prime Hunters is a first-person shooter and an adventure game developed by NST (Nintendo Software Technology). I have played through the first two planets that you visit in the game. The first thing that impressed me as soon as I powered up the game were the graphics. Metroid Prime Hunters has possibly some of the best graphics on the Nintendo DS system. The environments are just so detailed for a Nintendo DS game. The gameplay also controls pretty well. It really feels like you’re playing a Metroid Prime game. The other games in the Prime series were developed by Retro Studios. NST knew exactly what the gamer was looking for when developing this game. However, there is a steep learning curve with the controls. They are kind of awkward to say the least. The developers give you four different control options, however each of them will take some time to master. I selected the control option that allows me to control Samus around with the d-pad and move the camera around with the A, B, X, and Y buttons. My hands still cramp up though. Like I said earlier, the planets that you traverse around are very detailed. However, they don’t take that long to beat, about a half hour or so. The final bosses at the end of each planet is when you put your first – person shooter skills to the test. They are pretty challenging to beat, and each one I fought took me at least a couple tries before defeating them. So far, Metroid Prime Hunters is the only first-person shooter on the Nintendo DS that really shines. I’m looking forward to playing the rest of the game, and make sure you guys check out my full review once I finish the game.

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